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New trends in the hardware industry in 2011, the more green the more money

With the continuous improvement of the status of China's hardware industry, the prospects for sales of hardware products in China are getting better in 2011. According to relevant information analysis, the market demand for kitchen and bathroom hardware in China is steadily increasing. It is expected that the sales of kitchen and bathroom hardware will increase at a rate of 30% per year in the next five years. Among them, the market demand for water heaters and gas cookers is as high as 12 million units.
It is understood that China is gradually becoming a major hardware processing and exporting country in the world, and has become one of the world's largest hardware manufacturing countries, with a broad market and consumption potential. The self-developed various types of daily-use hardware products rank among the top in the world and have achieved good economic benefits. However, in the "12th Five-Year" era of "greener and more earning money", energy-saving and intelligent products are popular, and the key to grasping economic opportunities for hardware companies is to clearly understand the development trend of the industry.

According to relevant investigations, the hardware industry will usher in five new trends in 2011.

The more green the more money

Today, the low-carbon environmental protection has become a trend, the hardware industry is also facing reform. At the China International Hardware Fair in March, some of the more forward-thinking companies have launched a series of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products, such as the outdoor tools of the Eagle Seal. In the future, the trend of environmental protection and energy conservation will become more obvious, and new technologies will continue to emerge. It is "the more green, the more money you make."

Brand marketing as a tool for the development of the enterprise

As a weapon of enterprise development, brand marketing cannot be copied. The strong brand with high brand awareness, high premium ability, high brand loyalty and high value is a potential rich asset of hardware enterprises. After the change of consumers' concept, their brand awareness is gradually strengthening, and the brand becomes the primary factor for their purchase of hardware products. The hot sales of Jiejie tools, Stanley and other brands prove this, which also leads to the brand attachment of hardware products. The value increases, so the competition in the market will become the competition of the brand.

Consumers turn to rationality

With the improvement of people's living standards and the popularization of sanitary ware brand promotion, the phenomenon that consumers did not pay much attention to the hardware industry has gradually changed. Consumers' attention to hardware products has increased, which has led to a slower understanding of the knowledge of bathroom products. The original "fuzzy consumption" has gradually become clearer. Abandoning the traditional focus on appearance and style has become a focus on quality and taste.

Network marketing into the leading mechanical and electrical encyclopedia

The efficiency of the traditional marketing model is gradually decreasing. The development of new marketing models or new marketing models combined with traditional marketing models has become an inevitable choice for enterprises. The traditional marketing of salesmen running the market has become a thing of the past, and now network marketing has become their leading force in opening up the market. This means that in the process of the transformation of the sales model, in addition to the systematic integration of marketing attention, the advantages of Internet marketing are self-evident, keyword marketing optimization, self-built stations, joining the industry platform and other new marketing practical systems have won a wide range of hardware companies. attention. Tower crane

Intelligent and humanized

According to analysis, in the next two years, domestic construction hardware products will also move towards an intelligent and humanized development path. In Zhejiang Yongkang, hardware people's market operation awareness is getting stronger and stronger. The hot pot products and stainless steel vacuum flasks that were produced earlier to the scooter that was popular last year are all more profitable because they are more in line with human needs. In recent years, in Europe and the United States, the design of building hardware products in developed countries is easy to install and maintain, making DIY products become the new darling of the hardware-related industry market, and the products and tools that can be assembled by themselves are greatly welcomed by the market.