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HC Network Hardware Industry Top Ten Awards Announced More than 4,000 participating companies

The lights were oblique and the crowd dispersed. China's new forces - Ai Weiboer Cup HC Network 2010 top ten selection of hardware industry, accompanied by the end of the award ceremony, officially come to an end. A lively person, a specific thing, a sincere comment, and a series of real and sensible hardware industry top ten selection.


"Today's new and clear tomorrow's legend" April 15th In 2010, China's hardware industry ushered in the first development year after the financial crisis. The smog of the international financial crisis still hangs over the global hardware industry. The Chinese hardware market has taken the lead in warming up and the industry has shown a recovery growth. According to customs statistics, in 2010, the total import and export volume of the whole industry reached 74.923 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 30.1%. China's hardware industry plays an increasingly important role on the world stage.


In this context, HC Network launched China's new forces - Ai Weiboer Cup HC Network 2010 annual hardware industry top ten selection activities. The event was hosted by HC Hardware Network and set three awards: “Top Ten Pioneers in the Hardware Industry in 2010”, “Top Ten Brands in the Hardware Industry in 2010”, and “Top Ten Excellent Network Vendors in the Hardware Industry in 2010”.


Based on the principle of “fairness, fairness, openness and broadness”, this event adopts online voting, SMS, online banking voting, user comments, buyer reviews, and expert review in a combination of objective and fair selection of “new brands”. The “Pioneer” and “Excellent Internet Business” awards were selected for the brand and characters. Finally, the experts from the organizing committee conducted statistics, comments and summaries, and announced the final awards of the event from the finalists.


The voting phase of this selection event will begin on December 1, 2010 and end on March 24, 2011. During the period, it received positive response and strong support from many product manufacturers, product users and industry media. Online voting, SMS, fax and message continued to climb. A total of 4108 companies participated in the event, and the online voting exceeded 25 million votes. More than 20,000 comments were made and nearly 50,000 netizens participated.


"Harmony and win-win"


Two years ago, on April 16, HC Network teamed up with the National Hardware and Electromechanical Media Alliance to launch the first “Top Ten Selections in the Hardware Industry”. This activity is the first time the media has stood at the height of the industry since the birth of the hardware industry. Make an authoritative selection of the hardware industry. Today, the top ten selections in the annual industry have been known as Oscars in the industry. More than 4,000 companies participated in the event. Every April, the hardware industry has a common expectation.


In the top ten hardware selections over the years, a batch of fresh people have emerged. They used their outstanding actions and sincere language to touch the top ten hardware and inspire the entire hardware industry.


Baitouyu Huanggong: The second time to be on the podium of the annual Top Ten Hardware Awards. "Network bridge! Hardware red square! HC blueprint! Old man round dream!" Yearly near the flower, still full of energy, with a young heart, to pursue the true meaning of the Internet era of marketing. After being named the 2009 Top Ten Hardware Excellence Network, he received an order for a Norwegian customer of $300,000 and then signed a contract of $500,000.


Shen Xin vibrating bar processing factory: Zhang Junhua, the person in charge of the company, said that after participating in the top ten selections, the effect was very significant, the most important performance was that the company's orders were climbing. Participating in the “Top Ten Hardware Selection” of HC Network is an opportunity for our company to “rebirth”.


"Pull Brother": Liu Chao from Ou Sheng Hardware, was nicknamed "Lading Ticket Brother" by the top ten staff of the hardware. In the top 10 promotion competition, “Laibu Ge” once sold a poem for his company. “In March, the peach blossoms were opened, the top ten selections were wonderful, the competition gradually became hot, and Ou Sheng was invited to come,” and finally won. Super high popularity, boarded the top ten selection podium.


These real and sensible facts together constitute the 2010 Top Ten Hardware Awards. HC Network's annual hardware top ten selection is precisely because of the active and enthusiastic participation of these companies, it is even more dazzling. HC Network is also willing to join hands with more domestic small and medium-sized hardware companies to jointly create a more brilliant tomorrow.


China's new forces - Ai Weiboer Cup HC Network 2010 Hardware Top Ten Finalists:


The winners of the "Top Ten Pioneers" are: Zhang Yujie, General Manager of Guli Security Products Co., Ltd., Xia Caoyou, Chairman of Dali Holding Co., Ltd., Liu Feng, General Manager of Shenzhen Shenge Abrasives Co., Ltd., Santai County Xie Guo, general manager of Gurui Industrial Co., Ltd., Gao Wenguang, chairman of Tianjin Wenguang Group, Su Gang, general manager of Shanghai Yiertuo Trading Co., Ltd., Tian Hua, general manager of Hangzhou Superstar Technology Co., Ltd., and Nuoba Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Zeng Honglian, general manager of the company, Ji Qing, chairman of Hebei Tongli Sliding Co., Ltd., and Mao Xianyun, chairman of Shanghai Hardware City.


The winners of the "Top Ten New Brands" are: Maibo, Bairui, Chang En Invincible, Steel Shield, Maidengbao, Black Tools, Dayou, Yasaiqi, Rongpeng, and Oral.


The winners of the “Top Ten Excellent Network Providers” are: Xinghua Feiteng Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Unodak Tools Co., Ltd., Gaoyao Jinli Town Aonil Hardware Factory, Zhejiang Huagong Electric Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Europe Sheng Hardware Co., Ltd., Fuliang County Bochuang Gold Hardware Factory, Ningbo Yingtai Metal Products Co., Ltd., Ruian Jinggong Combination Fastener Factory, Foshan Nanhai Jinhua Standard Parts Factory, Yongkang Dongcheng Shenxin Vibrating Bar Processing Factory